Your Goals Are Still Calling

September 29, 2017 5:20 pm Written by

When each of you joined the gym you had specific goals in mind and you had a plan for how you were going to achieve them.  But just like any relationship that is new, the honeymoon phase ends and you are left trying to find that spark again.  So how long has it been for you?  Has it been 2 months, 6 months or almost a year since you’ve seriously worked toward reaching your goals?  And more importantly, what happened to all of the energy and enthusiasm that you had when you started this journey?

We get it, life happens…work, kids stuff, travel and many more things try to derail you from being successful.  But those that are truly successful are the ones who keep their goals at the top of their priorities list.  And now we enter into arguably the toughest time of the year to make progress on your health and fitness goals…THE HOLIDAYS!!!

From here on through the rest of the year we are bombarded with comfort foods and colder temperatures. This will not only test our discipline but will also make us want to stay in the house where it is warm and become less active as a whole.  There is no way that you are going to successfully make it through this or any holiday season without a solid plan in place.

We have plenty of options and resources at our disposal that you can make use of to come out on the other side of the holidays in better shape than when you went in.  Myself and Coach Caroline don’t want you to show up to the gym or go through each day without working toward your goals so in the simplest terms…How Can We Help?

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