Quick Weekend Workout

January 13, 2017 7:27 pm Written by

Ladies, the weekend has arrived! The BEST way to start off the weekend is getting in a workout early so you can feel great about it for the rest of the weekend!

Need a weekend workout? We’ve got you covered! This intense circuit hit every major body part! Weekends are busy, but we can all make time for our health and fitness!

What do you need for this workout? Just a little space and a dumbbell!

Perform the following circuit 3 times as fast as possible!

  1. Burpee x 10
  2. 3 Point row x 10 each arm
  3. Goblet Reverse Lunge x 10 each leg
  4. Dumbbell Overhead Press x 10
  5. Jumping Squat x 10
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