Does Motivation Really Exist?

June 23, 2017 9:47 pm Written by

We all have things that make us tick.  We all have things that make us want to be better than we were yesterday.  But where does  motivation come from and why do some people have more of it than others?

When it comes to going to the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle most would argue that you have to be continuously motivated to do it.  I completely disagree with those sentiments.  I believe that you simply have to create the mindset that what you want to do is so important to you that there is nothing that will make you compromise getting it done.

For example, you generally don’t need to be motivated to get your child to their next game.  You’ve decided that it HAS to be done and you move other things in your life around to accommodate making it happen.  We apply this same mentality to a host of events that take place in our lives.  We shift the importance of various things in our lives around to get the most important things done first.  We rarely let things get in the way of us getting to the doctor or getting out on the tennis court or onto the course for a round of golf.

For so many people though, their workouts seem to have the most flexibility to be moved around or even cancelled completely if something better comes along.  But for others, missing a workout is just NOT an option and those people are usually the ones that experience the best results from the work that they are putting in.  It is not because they end up working out so much but that dedication trickles down to the rest of their commitment to their health and fitness lifestyle.

Sadly, so many people end up going through the motions when it comes to making any real and consistent progress.  They begin with the best intentions but as time goes on the fact that they never really did commit to the journey begins to show.  No, you will not maintain the same level of commitment throughout your ENTIRE health and fitness journey but getting completely sidetracked shouldn’t happen either.  Those who truly understand that the process of making lasting changes requires long term consistency by making YOU the priority are usually the most successful.

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