Signing-Up vs. Committing

June 23, 2017 9:56 pm Written by

When most people think about making positive changes in their health and fitness lifestyles they immediately think of joining a gym to become more active.  That is not a bad first step but once you find the right gym for you are you actually committing to the gym or simply signing up for a membership?


Signing Up

You see, there really is a HUGE difference between the two that so many people overlook.  When you sign up for something you are for the most part involved in a passive experience.  You pretty much have to just show up and the rest is taken care of for you.  Here is a list of things that you sign-up for:

  • Cable/cell phone service (The service continues as long as you pay your bill)
  • Doctor/dentist appointments (You simply show up & receive treatment)

You see, it doesn’t actually take much effort to sign up for something and many times you barely give it a second thought once the agreement is made.


Even though some of the things that you sign up for do require a contract, you only have to do the bare minimum to keep receiving the benefit.  The same cannot be said for actually committing to something.  When you commit to something that is merely the beginning of the process as there is so much more work to be done.  Here is a list of things that you commit to:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Change your health & fitness lifestyle
  • Marriage


The Bottom Line

All of the above commitments require you to be an active participant or you will without a doubt fail at some point.  Imagine trying to maintain a marriage or trying to quit smoking but only putting forth effort every few days!  The same is said for changing your health and fitness lifestyle as there is no way to simply go through the motions and become successful.  It takes consistent planning, organizing, effort and reevaluating. This is in NO way a short term process and just showing up for a few sessions a week will not cut it.

Completely changing your lifestyle will take somewhere between 3-6 months to stick which is already half of the way through a year.  The numbers are even worse the longer that you’ve been inactive and out of shape.  I get it, committing to a gym on a long term basis can be financially scary.  But as we keep getting older can you really afford not to?

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